The Morse Code, CW and Low Power Amateur Radio Club of Reno, Nevada

We are an ARRL affiliated club, promoting the concept of building and operating low power, battery powered Amateur Radio stations. We participate in portable, contesting operations, and general Amateur Radio education.

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Slow Speed CW Net

Reno QRP Group
is hosting a slow speed CW net on Sunday afternoons to promote CW and aid newer CW enthusiasts an opportunity to practice their skills. The net is hosted by Sean, NB7A. The frequency is 28.140Khz which will allow all classes of licensees to participate. It begins at 1500 Pacific time (PDT/PST as appropriate). Initially speed will be 5 WPM.If further information is needed, contact Carl,

What does
QRP mean?

If you came across this site and are not familiar with QRP, it is a "Q" signal used in radio communication since the early days of morse code.

Generally, it means "low power" and has come to represent transmissions using 5 watts or less. (about the same power as a conventional 'nite lite')

A list of commonly used "Q" Signals may be found at:

AC6V Web Site

Dave, KF7BNO - SK

Dave W. Ruppert, KF7BNO, was granted his angel wings on March 9th 2014.

Dave's life would seem too short to many, but those who were touched by him understood that the quality of existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives. His gentle smile, and soft voice brought so much presence into a room or Field Day site.

Although he was of abbreviated stature and frail, he gave us all such courage and hope and reminded us of the preciousness of life.
Dave was the Net Manager for the popular Noon Net of Northern Nevada and Eastern California, and was a member of the Reno QRP Group, W7FST and the Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society.

He will be missed by  his ham friends for years to come.

Monthly Luncheon Meetings 2014

Reno QRP's monthly luncheon meetings take place on the Third Monday of the month from 11:30am until?.
 Location: Alamo/Petro Shopping Center, 1950 East Greg Street Sparks, NV. The restaurant is located in the "Alamo Truck Stop" located on Greg Street south of I-80 between Sparks Blvd. and Vista Blvd. off ramps.
This includes new hams, old hams and wanna-be hams.
Feel free to bring show-and-tell items

YL Luncheon Group

A monthly YL luncheon group meets the second Wednesday of the each month. The meeting takes place at a different restaurant each month to sample the cuisine all about town. YL hams as well as Non-ham YL's of hams are encouraged to attend.
For info on the next meet,
contact Yvonne Maxwell, W7YMM at: